Should You Remodel Your Kitchen or Bathroom First?

Should You Remodel Your Kitchen or Bathroom First?

Have you been looking around your house and realizing that a change needs to be made?


Maybe your kitchen is outdated or your bathroom is filled with stains or cracked tiles.


Both of these rooms are important to impress other people who come to visit and for increasing the quality of atmosphere for the people that live with you in your home. It’s always a good idea to start with your bathroom or kitchen when you begin remodeling your house, because they are two of the most used rooms in a home.


But the big question is: Should you start with your kitchen or your bathroom?


Ask yourself the following questions to understand which room you should start remodeling first.


Which room do you use more frequently?


Some bathrooms are used less than other bathrooms, so you can typically eliminate one or two of the bathrooms in your home from the conversation. If you use the kitchen for every meal of the day you might think about remodeling the bathroom first since you might have an extra bathroom to use while the other bathroom is being remodeled. This cuts down on the costs of eating out when you remodel your kitchen, and it allows you to sit back and reassess your finances after the bathroom is done to see if you have enough for your kitchen.


If you never use your kitchen it might not be that important to you, so think about remodeling your bathroom, since it is probably used more often. If you have lots of people over for parties or get togethers it is a good idea to get your kitchen completed first. If you’re going to be showing off your kitchen or flaunting your cooking skills you might as well get the kitchen job done as quickly as possible.


Which room needs a remodel the most?


Although the bathroom is used frequently, visitors don’t typically expect a bathroom to be spotless. If both your kitchen and bathroom are outdated or rundown, think about remodeling your kitchen first. Since more people will analyze the look of your kitchen you should contact a contractor and get it fixed up.


If your bathroom has faulty components you should remodel the bathroom before the kitchen. People need to wash their hands in the bathroom, and a broken toilet makes a bathroom useless. Broken functional components in the bathroom always push it to the top of the list.


Your kitchen also includes components such as sinks, faucets and cabinets. So if your kitchen is filled with broken components then you should go with the kitchen first. If both your kitchen and bathroom have broken sinks or other components, go with remodeling the bathroom first because you can always eat out with a broken kitchen, but a broken bathroom forces you to go somewhere else.


Now it is your turn. Tell us about your experience remodeling your bathroom or kitchen. Was it difficult deciding which one to remodel first? Would you agree with the points we discussed in this article? Would you add some additional points that make it easier to decide which room to remodel first?

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