Keep your countertops looking elegant for years into the future with Texas Concept.


People in San Antonio crave the best, and Texas Concept provides the top countertop and backsplash solutions. Homeowners with old, outdated or beat up countertops find that liquids leak into cracks and visitors find it unappealing when there are stains or other contaminants on the surface. Do you have a countertop that easily stains or looks like it is from several decades ago? Plastic, synthetic and other forms of countertops are not suitable for kitchens or bathrooms anymore. There are much better materials that last longer and look beautiful.


Texas Concept offers high-quality countertops with backsplashes for those who want to improve the functionality and beauty of their home. Backsplashes replace or cover up parts of your walls near the countertop to prevent stains or “backsplash” on the walls. Forget about painting those areas or putting up wallpaper, and consider including a backsplash that has a functional and stylish look and feel. The countertops are designed to last for decades, and they improve the quality and value of your house in case you plan on selling in the future.


What are the advantages of getting a new countertop with backsplashes from Texas Concept?


  • You improve the beauty of your house
  • Your countertops will look better than anyone elses in the neighborhood
  • You minimize cracks and stains and extend the life of your countertops for years
  • You cut down on splashing problems and increase style with backsplashes
  • We cater to our San Antonio customers when working on countertops
  • Our materials are of the highest quality and you receive full warranties on all the materials
  • We never switch out workers, which helps maintain consistency and quality for your job


People keep coming back to Texas Concept, making it the top choice for countertops in San Antonio.


Contact us today and get your free estimate and consultation for countertops in your home. We sit down with you and develop a schedule and budget that fits your needs. Go to our Contact page if you have any questions. We will always respond within 24 hours and help you understand the best options for countertops with backsplashes. Our materials are all backed by guarantees and warranties, just in case something goes wrong down the road, and we ensure you receive high-quality countertops within an affordable price range.


Call us now and get ready to transform your home into something special. Texas Concept is there to assist in all of your home repair and remodeling jobs, since we always love helping the residents of San Antonio.