Texas Concept provides cabinet renovations and installations for all San Antonio residents. If your kitchen or bathrooms have old or unappealing cabinets give us a call and learn about our affordable cabinet solutions.


We work with each customer to understand customization requirements for your home’s cabinets. Each homeowner has different requirements for dimensions, color, functionality and more. We use high-quality materials that last far into the future. Our goal is to improve the value of San Antonio homes with the top wood for your cabinets.


What Can You Expect From Our Cabinets?


Each of our cabinets are handcrafted and designed to your specifications. Our entire team of design and installation specialists work with you to understand your needs. We develop a timeframe that works for you to let us install the cabinets in your home and we give you a qualified team of professionals that work with you until the entire job is complete. Feel free to ask for any changes before we finish the job.


The cabinets are guaranteed to last for years, as we use materials that fight dirt and other contaminant buildup. Our cabinets open and close nicely to provide easy access to your dishes and other items. Pick your own stain or paint to match the cabinets with your entire home.


What are the benefits of new cabinets?


  • You don’t have to worry about sticky, moldy or rusted surfaces anymore
  • All your cabinets will open and close easily to protect what’s inside and provide easy access whenever you want
  • Increase the beauty of your home and get rid of those outdated cabinets
  • Provide easy access to your items, as our cabinets are designed for functionality just as they are designed for beauty


Our Guarantee


We understand that your new cabinets are a large investment, and that’s why we assign a dedicated team of professionals to walk you through the entire process. You get to meet with your installers and view some of our past projects to help guide your decisions. We also create a schedule and plan for you to prepare for our delivery and installation. We always try to work around your schedule, as we understand everyone is busy. We get things done for San Antonio residents in a reasonable time at a great price.


If you have any concerns, or if a job is not to your expectations, let us know and we will always work with you to correct the problem. Our goal is to make our customers happy, and modifications are expected in our line of business. San Antonio is our home, and we want to increase the happiness of the homeowners in the area.


Contact us today to get started on your cabinet customization and installation. Go to our Contact page to send us a quick email with questions about the process. Ask us about seeing our portfolio or coming in for an estimate. Call us to speak with one of our friendly representatives and get started increasing the quality and beauty of your home today.