Are your windows installed improperly or so old that they release air when you have your air conditioning or heat on?


Do you feel a draft near your windows that needs to be fixed?


Faulty windows contribute to high utility bills and unhealthy living environments. They also can make a house look gloomy and unappealing if the frames are old and the windows are small. Open up the possibilities with your home, and install new windows from Texas Concept. We use Simonton and Mastic products for all of our window jobs, which are guaranteed to last with high-quality warranties.


Simonton and Mastic products are known to last and we only use them because they are some of the best companies in the window industry. Contact us today to see examples from either company and to get a quote on how much your window job will cost.


What are the benefits of redoing your windows?


  • Save on your heat and air conditioning bills
  • Bring more light into your home by expanding the size of your windows and finding areas of the home that face the sun at certain periods of the day
  • Cutting down on drafts which helps you protect your family from illnesses
  • Many wood framed windows contain mold and other harmful contaminates that can hurt residents
  • Get windows that don’t creak or stick when you try to close or open them
  • Improve the look of your home by opening up the size of your windows and including clean, beautiful looking framing




Another reason people need to change out their windows is to protect the home and family. Older windows are not typically designed to keep intruders out. Our new windows are built to fight off intruders and prevent easy access from the outside. Old windows also tend to deteriorate as time passes. Texas Concept installs window products that are guaranteed to last over the years. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about weather or natural degradation preventing you from staying safe down the road.


Contact Texas Concept to get your windows redone by the best professional team of home improvement specialists in San Antonio. Feel free to send us email from our Contact Page or call us to speak with a qualified representative. Ask us any questions about window installations and come into our office to see examples of past window installation projects.


Get started saving on your energy bills and improving the beauty of your home by partnering with the top window installers in San Antonio. We have one goal when it comes to your windows: Get it just the way you want it. We speak with you and answer all your questions before finalizing anything. Not only do we help you save on your energy bill, but we offer affordable services and materials that make us a competitive force in the window installation industry. Call us for a free estimate to make sure your project can fit into your budget. We understand that a window project can be expensive so we work with you to give you the results you desire without the hefty cost.