Radiant Barrier


Cut down your cooling costs with affordable radiant barrier services from Texas Concept.

Texas is a warm state all year long, making it necessary to keep the air conditioning on most of the time. This is unfortunate considering that cooling costs can get extremely high and suck money away from San Antonio homeowners. Most houses are not fitted with the proper insulation to keep cool air in the house, sending it out into the atmosphere and forcing your air conditioner to work even harder. Most exterior surfaces in your home, particularly the roof, absorb heat from the sun and transfer it to a cooler area, making the other side of the surface warmer. In essence, the sun hits your roof, heats up the house and makes your cooling system less effective. You spend the money to cool your house and you don’t get the full benefit.

The solution is radiant barriers from Texas Concept. Radiant barriers act as a reflective surface, typically installed on the roof of your house to keep sun heat from passing into your attic and heating up your home. Once you get radiant barriers installed on your home you will have to pay less in energy bills and your home will feel cooler throughout the hottest months of the year.


Why use Texas Concept for your radiant barriers?

Texas Concept caters to people who live in the hot San Antonio sun. We are San Antonio residents who have worked on various projects in the area and we understand the frustrations of homeowners in San Antonio.

  • We sit down with you and evaluate the areas of your house that need radiant barriers
  • We give you affordable options and work with your own budget
  • We offer high-quality materials with full warranties in case something goes wrong
  • We assign the same people for your entire job to maintain consistency and quality throughout the entire job
  • You get personal service for any questions or concerns you may have during the project
  • We match any rates of competitors
  • We set a schedule and stick to it, helping you improve the temperature of your home in a reasonable time


Contact Texas Concept today and get a free quote for radiant barriers on your home. Go to our Contact page to ask any questions about the process or give us a call to arrange a time to meet with one of our professionals face to face. You get the chance to look at the materials we use and understand the entire installation process.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our experienced team of professionals. We only hire individuals who are easy to work with and have a passion for making San Antonio homes better to live in. With over 20 years of experience you can’t go wrong with Texas Concept.